Trade Union - Working in Unison

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A trade union is a group of workers that is formed to safeguard and demand its rights and welfare. The unions populated the world during the industrial revolution. During this phase latest technologies were introduced into the working process. Machines replaced man power. The workers felt threatened and hence developed organizations like the labor unions.

The key idea behind the formation of unions was that a single worker is powerless against the management while a group is comparatively stronger. Trade unions have grown so strong that the management itself has to consult with them before taking any decision which will affect the workers.

A union is set up to serve the various interests of the workers like economic interests, political interests and social interests. However, the economic interest of the workers is the most important concern. The most common motives of every trade union are as follows.

  • Ensuring better working conditions.
  • Ensuring better wages.
  • Resisting unfriendly or harmful management policies.
  • Ensuring bonus for the workers.
  • Participating in the management.

Every union strives to achieve the above mentioned goals. They do it through group negotiations and bargaining. But in the case of failure of formal communication, unions adopt methods like strike, so-slow, boycott and etc.

Other than these, the union also comes to the aid of its members when they are in a need. It provides help for the education of the children, it also provides facilities like libraries, games and recreational activities and many more. They also give assistance to their members during legal emergencies.

According to the employees' point of view, the workers are not well educated to understand and appreciate the company policies and hence have a narrow minded approach towards every management decision. Well, some drawbacks exist, but trade unions certainly play a crucial role in the protection of the welfare of the workers.

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Trade Union - Working in Unison

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This article was published on 2010/11/18