Staff Motivation - Cutting the Cost of Staff Turnover Through Job Stability

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When staff turnover is costing your company highly, you know that more than just finding out what is interesting workers to do their job and stay with your company is at stake. You need an effective retention plan that can kick start your economy but that plan must be based on an understanding of the things which will influence your best workers to stay or attract good workers to join your organization, a catch 22 situation.

There are some classic motivational factors which in this present climate, with the changes in workforce practices and how people work, are worth revisiting to take a look at their meaning and consider how you as an effective Leader can apply them to stimulate growth and an upturn in staff retention. Ones such motivational factor is Stability.


For some workers this is a major factor in job satisfaction. Job stability will often equal security but security depends on stable times. Consider that for some workers stability might mean flexibility in how they work, for example that there is a work at home policy and workers can do their 35+ hours as it suits them during the week. A good example of this is outsourcing work, you can change workers status to be either freelance or use new outsourced labor. Or you can offer them certain hours and they are therefore free to get more hours doing other freelance work.

Today short term contracts have much more meaning to workers than they did in the past and it is with an assortment of contracts that you can offer stability that suits your employees job satisfaction needs and your company's need for productivity with a stable work force during difficult times and into the future. The shift in some countries from manufacturing and primary production to service- based industries lends itself to this type of working practice.

When putting together your companies effective retention package consider in what ways the attraction of stability might mean to those you employ.

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Staff Motivation - Cutting the Cost of Staff Turnover Through Job Stability

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This article was published on 2010/03/31